Maker + Momma + Entrepreneur = Home made mom life

Maker + Momma + Entrepreneur = Home made mom life

Did you know, female entrepreneurship is the fastest growing sector of entrepreneurship in North America? Now that’s something to celebrate!  And while I believe there is plenty of room for all of us bad ass females in business, it’s the mompreneurs that really get me excited.  Moms are naturally boss when it comes to  multitasking, finding creative solutions and working the most possible hours in a day, so it only makes sense that so many of us should feel compelled to dip our toes into the waters of business.

Before I started my business I felt lost, something was tugging gently at my soul reminding me I had more to offer the world than a clean home and kids in lots of activities.  Don’t get me wrong those are all great things, but I do them because I want to, not because I feel I have to.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I knew without a doubt I had to build something that was all my own. I wanted to show my boys that Women are powerful, valuable and capable, and one rainy day in June I realized it was my DUTY as a mom to be self sufficient. I vividly remember that day, standing in line at the grocery store, a cart piled with groceries and two toddlers in blue crocs poking at each other in the front seat.  My hair was a greasy nest and the circles around my eyes surely gave away their fatigue. The clerk began to scan my groceries and my kids pokes turned to blows.  I dug into my purse for bribes and as I lifted my gaze, I locked eyes with someone I had once known.  He was standing just behind me in the lineup,  well dressed and polished, he looked to be doing well for himself.  I handed my shared card over to the clerk and exchanged pleasantries with my old friend. “Maam, your card has been declined,” the clerk interrupted. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks, I hated the look of pity in clerks eyes.  “Can you try it again?” I asked helplessly, already knowing the outcome.  With shaking hands I unloaded all the groceries from cart and wheeled my toddlers into the parking lot with an empty cart and a red face.  It wasn’t until I reached my car that I allowed the tears to come. It was at that point I resolved to never again rely on someone else for money.  NEVER.  Soon after that experience my first online business was truly born.  I am now running my second online business and loving it.

Through entrepreneurship I have built a steady cash flow that awards me the freedom to make my own financial decisions.  I can be more available for my kids and have extra time to pursue my creative interests.  I believe every SAHM should have some kind of side hustle. Even something small can make a huge difference to your family and your sense of purpose.  Entrepreneurship IS empowerment, it’s time to build the life your were born to live.

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules and build a life you’re proud to live. – Anne Sweeney