Ten helpful tweaks to cope with hair loss and rock the hair you have

Ten helpful tweaks to cope with hair loss and rock the hair you have

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This is a tough one to write but I’m giving you some realness today.  Of all the PCOS and hashimotos symptoms I have dealt with, the hair thinning has been the hardest for me by far.  It was the canary in the coal mine showing up in my early 20s as the very first indicator that something was out of balance in my body. 

I grew up hiding behind a long, thick, wavy mane of shiny auburn locks.  My hair became such an integral part of my identity that losing it felt like losing a dear friend.  I grieved my hair.  I denied it.  I wore strange hairstyles and ugly bandanas.  And no matter how good the rest of me felt, it was there in the background softly hissing in my ear that I was ugly, worthless and damaged. 

I had naively thought that doctors would be able to quickly identify the cause and send me on my way with a simple solution. But my blind faith in doctors turned to despair after years of hopping from doc to doc that led to no conclusion and very little hair on my head.

It may sound so shallow to someone with good hair, but those with hair problems understand, hair loss can put you on a psychological roller coaster and make you rethink your entire life.  Hair loss sparked my interest in nutrition, and it eventually led to both my pcos and hashimotos diagnoses, albeit a decade later.

Perhaps the most frustrating part has been my unique situation as a hairstylist.  Seeing and touching beautiful, normal manes every day and knowing I’m still so far from that has sent me reeling into episodes of deep depression and crushing anxiety on multiple occasions.  But being a hairstylist has also given me a unique advantage, as I’ve learned a handful of tips and tricks for rocking thinning hair that I use on myself and my clients daily.  Most of my clients don’t believe me when I tell them I have experienced excessive hair loss “your hair looks super full?” they always say with a puzzled look.  And it’s true, I’ve found a combination of dietary adjustments and styling tricks to help me rock the hair I do have, stop shedding excessively and even wake up sleeping follicles for some fresh fuzzy regrowth. 

So please, don’t lose hope. Thanks to my new healthy lifestyle and a few hair tweaks I can actually say I am in a much better place hair wise and am ready to dish my tips in order to help anyone else who needs a boost in the follicular department.

As I write this I am sitting at a pool with my hair down.  Not slicked back into a teeny weeny ponytail thinner than a sharpie. Nope.  My hair is down and looking cute. No one is giving me the side eye or staring awkwardly at my scalp during conversation. And while I’m not going to be cast in a Pantene commercial anytime soon, I can honestly say this is one of the few times in over a decade that my hair is not an all consuming issue in my life.  I also have lots of fine frizzy regrowth, that most people would find irritating but is a very welcome addition to my particular head.   

As a student of holistic nutrition one of my favorite quotes is ‘what we eat can either be the safest most powerful medicine, or the slowest poison.’  This speaks volumes about the state of modern health and how important a healthy diet is to stave off disease and reverse existing health issues.  Heathy eating should be a combination of adding the right things into our diets while simultaneously removing the wrong things.  Finding a diet that works for you and your own health objectives can be a long process and I highly recommend working with a health professional such as a holistic nutritionist, health coach, or naturopath on your journey.  Foods that are harming your body may be perfectly healthy for other individuals.

I have spent years of trial and error trying to fix my hair probs and know how confusing all the conflicting information out there can be so I’ve complied my very best advice anyone can apply to get combat their hair issues asap.

Take it slow, celebrate even the small victories and remember, we are all so much more than our hair. 

  1. Limit your intake of foods that cause inflammation.  If you are dealing with unexplained hair loss, gluten and dairy should be the first things to go.   This is so hard for so many people, it’ like asking them to quit TV or break up with their boyfriend.  People get offended, but it must be done.  Inflammation is the enemy of your hair and some foods cause inflammation. Period. Sometimes even healthy foods can cause inflammation in people with intolerances, so it is wise to be tested for allergies. You can do your own testing by completing an elimination diet, and carefully observing your reaction to foods during the reintroduction phase.  I completed a whole 30 diet to identify some of my intolerances. I have ditched all gluten, most dairy, and greatly reduced my grain consumption. I know giving up these three ingredients may seem super limiting, but trust me, it’s not.  That’s why I’m here writing this blog.  Cooking without these things has opened a whole new realm of food possibilities and my food horizons are expanding everyday.
  2. Heal your gut. So much modern disease starts in the gut and healing your gut lining is a super important step when it comes to healing chronic inflammation. A healthy gut is better able to absorb nutrients form your food.  You can eat all the salad in the world but if your gut is compromised you are probably only absorbing a fraction of the nutrients.  Heal and seal that gut lining!  Make BONE BROTH, PROBIOTICS, and FERMENTED FOODS a part of your daily diet.  I almost always have a slow cooker simmering away with some grass fed bones and fragrant veggies.  I straight up ladle it into my mug and sip it throughout the day like tea. I also consume kraut and kombucha on a regular basis. Take a good quality probiotic, I love this one from renew life, yes it’s pricey, but you will feel a difference within a few weeks.   
  3. Improve your bodies acid alkaline balance. Your blood maintains it’s own PH of between 7.35 and 7.45 but this doesn’t mean eating all the acid forming foods will have no effect on your body. An overly acidic body can leach vitamins and minerals from organs and bones as well as lead to all kinds of issues including unhealthy hair.  One of the easiest ways to obtain PH balance is to squeeze lemon into hot water and drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  This also increases stomach acid which will help you better absorb the nutrients in foods.  Be sure to sip it through a straw so you don’t destroy your tooth enamel. 
  4. Get lots of protein. Our hair is made of protein so if we aren’t consuming enough in our diet, our hair will suffer.  To better assimilate protein, avoid eating foods that require different digestive juices at the same time.  Focus on eating simply and look into food combining.  One easy way to get readily usable aminos into your body is by drinking collagen peptides daily.  I rotate between marine collagen and grass fed bovine collagen.  I mix it into my coffee or tea every morning and stir it into my bone broth or tea throughout the day.  It tastes a bit weird but not terrible and I notice a difference in not just my hair but also nails and skin when I am consistent with it.  It is super important to eat only organic, pastured proteins when consuming animal products.
  5. Take the proper supplements. It is important to get most of our nutrition from the foods we eat, but people experiencing unexplained hair loss likely need a bit of help.  Modern agriculture has depleted the nutrients in our foods while genetic modification, pesticides and herbicide use has wreaked havoc on our guts so we struggle to absorb the limited nutrients we are ingesting.  Being overweight and simultaneously malnourished is becoming more and more common in developed nations and this can lead to a wide range of ailments, including hair loss.  Some of the most important vitamins and minerals for women experiencing hair loss are; Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B vitamins (especially biotin) Iodine, Silica, Selenium and Zinc.  It is wise to get tested for deficiencies prior to supplementation but when in doubt, adding a high quality, organic multivitamin is a great place to start. In my case I have been chronically deficient in Iron for years.  With over a year of consistent daily supplement my shedding has slowed tremendously but my functional doctor recommends I aim for a ferratin of at least 70 for optimal regrowth (I still have a way to go).  I have found it helpful to remove my copper IUD to lessen my monthly menstrual flow as Iron is lost with blood.  Addressing deficiencies can take time so the sooner you identify them the better.  Supplements are not regulated, and you could be doing yourself no favors or even harm by choosing the lowest priced option.  Make sure your supplements are of a high quality, choose organic whenever possible and pay attention any fillers and additives. My personal supplement routine includes a natural multivitamin, a hair vitamin, a thyroid support vitamin, liquid iron floradix and biosil.
  6. Work up a sweat.  Not all exercise will be beneficial for all people, (kind of like diet) But that is not a free pass to forgo consistent exercise.  Try a few different things and listen to your body’s cues.  If you feel like absolute garbage after a HIIT class maybe give yoga a try. A good exercise routine should make you feel energized rather than depleted.  It should also be something that you genuinely enjoy so that you keep up with it.  I love soccer, hot yoga biking and weight lifting so that’s what I stick with. 
  7. Get your mind right.  Spend some time every day in meditation and visualize the hair you want.  When you see a beautiful head of hair, do not feel jealousy or resentment (been there) instead give them a mental, or verbal compliment and be grateful for the hair you do have.  The things we focus on are the things we attract to us. As Mother Theresa said, people should be pro peace rather than anti- war.  I know it’s hard but try to stop fixating on how thin your hair is.  Learn to rock the hair you do have, have fun with it, try out extensions, wigs, and color. Allow yourself to learn from the hair loss and embrace the chance you’ve been given to transform yourself both internally and externally. 
  8. Get the right shampoo and styling products. No, those drugstore shampoos are not just as good as the salon quality ones. Trust me, I look up close at peoples scalps all day. You want something free of harmful sulfates and chemicals but also effective and nourishing. Both Neuma and Kevin murphy are high quality salon grade products that wont tax your body with added toxins. I personally use the Kevin Murphy plumping line and LOVE it!
  9. Try hair fibers.  Truly this is a game changer. I have had some hair fiber disasters in my day, and have settled comfortably into dermatch and toppik.  Dermatch is applied wet and blow dried into hair. I find it looks really natural and is also water resistant so I can surf or swim without having my scalp on display.  Toppik fills things in as needed for day two touch ups. Make sure you apply fibres so you still have a parting, otherwise it just looks like you’re using hair in a can. Yes, it’s a bit embarrassing buying product intended for middle aged men, but they work and have given me back my confidence in a major way. So worth it. 
  10. Wear some hair.  Just do it.  I was so afraid to wear hair for so long and honestly wasted so much time feeling insecure and ashamed that I could have spent rocking killer hair.  I thought everyone would notice but it turns out most people are too caught up in their own problems to really pay much attention to us at all.  I love tape in extensions to add volume and a bit of length.  They are virtually undetectable and don’t cause traction by pulling on my delicate bio hair.  Fusion is also an excellent light weight option for fine thin hair. Toppers and wigs can be fun to play around with and are the easiest way to change up your style and color with zero commitment or damage. Silk tops give you an a completely natural looking scalp and are perfect if you will be wearing bangs with your unit.  Lace fronts are a must if you are not opting for bangs. If you are going for a topper be sure to get a large base, it will lay much flatter and look more natural even if you don’t need all that coverage.  Wearing hair is a fun adventure. You can have wavy blonde balayage one day and be a brunette with curtain bangs the next.  I recommend checking out uniwigs for some great entry level units that won’t break the bank and I plan to post some hair review videos here in the near future…so stay tuned.    

It has been over a year since I have implemented all of the above in my own life and I have seen obvious improvements.  That being said, my hair is still not what it used to be in my teens (my hair started falling out at 20!)   Hair grows in cycles and it can take a long time to see tangible changes, so I am treating it as a journey rather than a destination and am enjoying all the many health benefits along the way.

If you have been using anything not listed for your hair loss and seeing results, please share in the comments and feel free to reach out to me if you have any direct questions about your own hair struggles.

This post contains amazon links. I may earn a small commission when readers purchase through these links. I will only ever post links to products I use and benefit from. They are recommended for their quality, performance and reputation regardless of any affiliate relationship.

My personal struggle with shiny object syndrome and four simple exercises I use to stay focused

My personal struggle with shiny object syndrome and four simple exercises I use to stay focused

Have you ever heard of shiny object syndrome?  It’s a term I only recently discovered, which is surprising considering I have been suffering from it my entire adult life.

Shiny object syndrome is the curse of the Entrepreneur, it also frequently infects individuals with ADD.  Being an entrepreneur with ADD, I have been thrown off course by the shininess of things on multiple occasions.  It has led me to dip my toes in multiple lakes without ever making it across a single one.  I have explored the waters of a registered hypnotherapist, reiki healer, new media specialist, hairstylist, computer coder, holistic nutritionist, novelist and aspiring fashion designer and have yet not achieved great success with any of the above.  The struggle is real.

The rise of the internet has brought with it so much opportunity, almost any dream has become achievable, and yet so many people seem to be so lost.

I blame all the shiny objects. 

Shiny objects are opportunities that look so bright and shiny you are willing to throw out whatever projects you are already working on to chase them.  They are the get rich quick schemes or the new trends that trigger major FOMO and send us jumping feet first into uncharted waters.   

It’s important to be willing to switch course if the universe is nudging you in a different direction, but if you find yourself switching course on an annual basis you probably have come down with a case of SOS.

Having shiny object syndrome is like deciding to climb a mountain, getting half way up and realizing you’d rather climb that other mountain over there.  You will always be climbing without the satisfaction of reaching the summit.  So exhausting.

So how do we utilize the vast opportunity created by modern technology without getting distracted by shiny objects along the way?  I believe there are some simple adjustments anyone can make to stop the exhausting cycle of SOS.  I’ve used them in my own life with great results and you can too.

Step into your zone of genius

This is the most important place to start.  Not truly knowing what your life mission is, is a sure fire way to get sucked into shiny object syndrome.   Really getting still and focusing in on your purpose is the first and most important step to realising it. 

Some ways to identify your thing is to lean into those things that make you feel amazing.  Maybe you won’t become a tennis pro at 40, but if Tennis makes you feel better than anything else, you could start teaching private lessons or open a tennis shop. 

Your zone of genius is the place you shine.  You are your best self here.  Time moves differently here.  You could stay here forever and be happy.  Once you step into your zone of genius you can better plot a path forward without getting distracted by all the shiny things because you are on your path.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to stick to a diet of food you enjoy than food you hate?   

If you have a few things and just can’t decide on ‘the one’ ask yourself…. all money and glory aside, what is ‘the thing’ you would regret not having gone for at the end of your life.  Be honest with yourself and don’t sell yourself short.  There’s nothing like our own impending mortality to make us realize that not chasing our dreams is actually way crazier than chasing them.

 Learn to still your mind and practice positive self talk

When my mind is not still I can get swept up in the chaos of wanting to achieve a million things simultaneously or wanting to drop everything for something that seems brighter and shiner.  More than once I have found myself with a cluttered mind looking up nursing programs or checking out the prerequisites for law school.  ‘Just get a real job already’ I’ve been prone to tell myself, ‘your odds of having a successful clothing line are slim to none.’ 

But then I get still with my thoughts and I remember being a little girl making clothes for her barbies. I realize how good it makes me feel to create things with my hands.  This sets me back on course and every other shiny little thing falls away. 

Spending time in meditation is vital for those of us with SOS.  Every time those negative thoughts creep into my mind I crush them with a mantra ‘I have a successful clothing company.’ Once you have identified your ultimate goal, create a mantra for yourself that you will repeat when you feel self doubt or are tempted by shiny objects.  The mantra will help reset your focus and will remind the entire universe that you are here on a mission and you are going to achieve it.

Set concrete goals

Goal setting is everything. Writing down goals gives them even more merit.  I find it incredibly helpful to set a five year goal and then back engineer it by writing out what I will need to achieve every year to hit my five year objective.

My goal were set in January for this year. They were to design my collection, pick my fabrics and begin selling pieces so I can receive feedback on fit.  It’s just over the half way mark of the year and I have smashed this goal. 

Having my goal for the year has allowed me to focus more deeply than I usually am able to and has (mostly) kept my SOS at bay.

Write lists

I have become the queen of list writing.  My husband makes fun of me for all the notebooks filled with lists that I leave everywhere. 

I think I might also have shiny notebook syndrome.   

But writing lists truly is the ultimate SOS remedy, especially for anyone struggling with ADD or general cluttered thinking.

I do a very generalized list the first for the month, a more specific list on Sunday nights for the week, and usually jot down at least three things I need to accomplish every day before bed.  When I wake up in the morning I don’t have any time to scheme about shiny objects because there is a list to get through. 

I have been known to overestimate what I can do in a day and underestimate what I can do in a month.  If this is you, don’t worry about it just slide those unfinished tasks over to the next day.  As long as you continue with the process you will be blown away when the month comes to an end and you can assess everything you have been able to accomplish.

If you or someone you know is suffering from SOS I hope you will find this list as helpful as I have.  I know how frustrating the shiny object curse can be. Having dreams is a big part of what makes life beautiful, but achieving those dreams is what makes life worth living.

Stop giving others the permission to make you feel shitty

Stop giving others the permission to make you feel shitty

One of my girlfriends recently came over for a hang out and as she was leaving, her son asked if they could come back again soon. 

“Of course, I have nothing going on right now and Elle definitely has nothing going on right now,” she said. It was an innocent response. Just some words coming out of someone’s mouth with no meaning aside from the meaning I chose to give them, but of course I allowed those words to make me feel like poo. I spent the rest of the day in a funk feeling like loser of the year.

In that comment I convinced myself that the whole world perceives me as someone who ‘doesn’t have much going on.’  (Because I’m so important the whole world even thinks of me at all right? lol.) I started picking apart everything I was working towards and telling myself I have accomplished nothing of value.

Even though I have an eccomerce shop, it’s just an Etsy shop and not even a very great one.  Even though I’m in school, its only an online diploma.  Even though I write for this blog, it’s nothing more than a hobby.  Even though I work outside of the home, it’s only twenty hours a week.  Even though I’m a mom, I’m not even a mom who keeps up with homeschooling.

And in that moment, everything I had accomplished in my entire life amounted to nothing more than a big pile of doo doo. 

Later that day as I was feeling thoroughly sorry for myself, I headed out to walk the dog with my favorite podcast downloaded.  As the rain started to sprinkle, I pulled a hood over my head and hit play. I don’t know how she does it, but Cathy Heller from the ‘Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast’ always has what I need when I need it, and I highly recommend her to every creative mompreneur I know. 

Almost immediately I received the message I needed to hear;

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt

I snapped right out of my funk.  My friend had simply said some words, it was me who gave those words the permission to ruin my day.  Obviously, we can’t change the way others perceive us, so why worry about it.  There are always going to be people who judge us, or who just don’t get it, but at the end of the day, who really cares?! In reality, no one is actually spending much time thinking about us at all.  Everyone is far too worried about their own lives.  The fleeting judgments others do have only matter if we choose to let them.

There is no way for anyone else to understand our personal experience.  No one else is with us walking in our shoes. Nobody is watching us grind daily, waking up early, staying up late, barely having a moment to catch our breath and still only feeling like we’ve reached some imaginary halfway point. So our opinion of ourselves is the only one that matters. People will think what they want, but allowing those thoughts to affect us in any way… that’s on us.  

And so rather than feeling like loser of the year, I chose to round out that day feeling proud of myself… as we all should. Every. Single. Day. We are exactly where we are supposed to be in our personal journey, so let’s stop wasting time worrying about other peoples opinion and start feeling good about how far we have already come.

We have to stop giving others the permission to make us feel shitty, because we have way too much going on and aint nobody got time for that.

How is home schooling going? Don’t ask. Plus 30 non – school ideas to have fun with your kids.

How is home schooling going? Don’t ask. Plus 30 non – school ideas to have fun with your kids.

I never regret having kids. Never.  My kids are the lights of my life, they have given me purpose in ways I could only imagine in pre-kid days.  We go on adventures together.  We build giant forts and dance like nobody is watching. We laugh so hard sharts happen.  But I’ve had my moments on this mothering journey where I’ve briefly imagined a childless life, and honestly, in my imagination it didn’t seem entirely terrible.  Never has this been more evident than during the covid lockdown. 

Being a mom during covid times has been HARD. My childless friends talk blissfully about the joys of working from home, while learning a new language and taking up ceramics on the side while I’m here picking up my 50th nerf dart off the floor – it’s 9 am. 

A child free girlfriend recently asked me what I’ve been doing with all my free time and I wanted to punch her through the phone.  What free time?  Between running the shop, feeding the kids, cleaning endless messes, enjoying time with my children, doing yard work, walking the dog, and doing my own school work there is no free time.  8 am – 10 pm every day is packed to the brim and there’s rarely a moment to sit on a computer and force my kids against their will to learn. School is officially a wash over here. Yep we gave up on school back in May.  Feel free to go ahead and judge me, you wouldn’t be the first.

When I tell people we essentially stopped doing school they look at me horrified. How could I be such a monster? Surely I should know my kids eventual success in life dangles dangerously in the balance and is in direct correlation with their productivity in grades three and four. Right?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not that concerned. I know there are other moms like me who just couldn’t do it. I want you to know you’re not alone.

When I talk to mom friends about how school is going I get answers from, “it’s going great” to “their reading has improved tremendously” to “we sit down and do school work from 10-3 every day” but I haven’t yet heard anyone say; “homeschooling sucks, I hate it. I got sick of fighting with my kids every day about it and I don’t have the time to sit there for hours while they pretend they’ve forgotten how to turn on a computer or use a mouse and we’re done.” So I will be the one to say it.  I’m that mom.

At the end of the day all of our experiences as moms are different.  Some of us have a partner home full time with us to help share the load.  Some of us only have one kid and one curriculum to teach.  Some of us have kids who really like online learning.  Some moms only have their kids every second week.  Some moms don’t work or do school from home.  And some moms just simply care more about school and make it their first priority. These are all ok, and so are moms who just-cant-anymore.

Me and my boys have been doing lots of other non-school things to keep them busy and the rest of the time I generally kick them outside to play in the yard.  Even though they are not killing it with school work, they are limiting their daily screen time and are learning things in other ways.  Here are a few things that we’ve enjoyed doing during lock down.  Whether you’re a home school superstar or a home school slacker like me, these are some fun things that can take the pressure off the work of motherhood and help you form lasting memories with your kids.

  1. Build a giant box fort.  Grab some duct tape and boxes from a hardware store and let them have at er.
  2. Buy an easy bake oven and let them “experiment” with baking small batches that wont burn through huge amounts of ingredients.
  3. Make puppets out of single socks.   
  4. Grow a gigantic vegetable garden.
  5. Play soccer, basketball or street hockey.
  6. Go on long bike rides.
  7. Get a foraging app and learn about your local wild edibles.
  8. Make slime.
  9. Build a firepit in the backyard and have a campout.
  10. Buy a cheap old tent trailer and fix it up together.
  11. Paint each others portraits and hang them on the wall.
  12. Order stacks of books and build them a reading corner in their rooms.
  13. Go fishing.
  14. Make sushi together.
  15. Give each other ‘makeovers’
  16. Build some mini ramps and hit some jumps on bikes, scooters or skateboards.
  17. Dance party.
  18. Freestyle rap battle.
  19. Build a simple shelter in a local wooded area out of fallen trees.
  20. Host your own ‘nailed it’ baking challenge.
  21. Make your own bath bombs
  22. See who can build the tallest lego structure
  23. Remake a home version of your favorite movie or music videos.
  24. Have a movie night…every night.
  25. Pick wildflowers and make dried arrangements.
  26. Write and illustrate your own novels.
  27. Call grandparents who might be lonely.
  28. Make sculptures with air dry clay.
  29. Do yoga or a guided mediation
  30. Nerf war

There’s more to life than school, especially if your kids are at an age where they will have no trouble picking it back up in the fall.  If you, like me, are not a home schooling superstar don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t let others make you feel guilty.  If you are a home schooling super star, try not to judge other moms who may be struggling with it all.  We are all just doing the best that we can. 

If you have any fun ideas to add to the list, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

There’s a reason horses race with blinders.

There’s a reason horses race with blinders.

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Like a L-A-W-T.  They are my favorite form of content.  Easy to consume while I’m walking my doggo, packing up orders, working in the kitchen, or developing new patterns for the shop. 

And I’m not ashamed to admit a huge portion of those podcasts are self helpers.  With everything going on in the world, having that 30- 60 minute injection of positivity into my day is wonderfully therapeutic. 

I have had so many aha moments while I’m on a walk scooping up dog poo, or elbows deep in a kitchen sink that I have lost count, but one quote got stuck so deep in my heart that I wrote it on a piece of paper and posted it up next to my desk. 

“There is a reason horses race with blinders.” Jimmy Lovine

Seriously this one gave me goosebumps because I so needed it.  We all do.   

Why do horses race with blinders? Because, if they worry about what the other horses are doing instead of being focused on their own race, they will lose step, get tripped up and ultimately lose.  As someone who has always been guilty of measuring her own success against the barometers set by other people, this was the aha moments of all aha moments for me.

When I was younger, I would often get dolled up for the night and leave my house feeling super cute and confident. Then inevitably, I would end up on the subway next to some drop dead model looking girl and arrive at my destination feeling like a troll who crawled out from under the bridge. 

When I got a little older and less image obsessed, my insecurities changed.  I remember having dinner at the home of a super corporate girlfriend and feeling deep shame telling the execs in attendance about my etsy shop.  I wouldn’t feel ashamed telling my grandma what I do, or my unemployed cousin, or a hobo down at the bus stop.  So why did I feel so unworthy among this circle of conventionally successful babes? It is the curse of comparisonitis.  I wasn’t wearing my blinders.

Now I remind myself of this on a daily basis. When I struggle to grow an IG following, or see a shop that has nailed down there aesthetic and is killing it. I don’t know the steps they’ve taken to get where they are or if they are even happy in that place so why should I for a single minute let their success slow me down or make me doubt my own journey.  

If life is a horse race it’s the most rigged race in the word.  None of us have the exact same starting point and none of us will have the exact same finish.  We all come into this world with unique opportunities, challenges, and end goals.  There is literally no sense measuring our own success against people who are running a completely different race.

It doesn’t matter if Deb has more followers than you or if Brenda has a bigger bank balance.  It just doesn’t matter. 

Ask yourself these three questions…. 

Are you growing?

Are you learning?

Are you a better person than you were last year?

If you answered yes, then you are winning your race. Don’t let yourself, let anyone else, make you feel otherwise.  Put those blinders and get running!