Vintage collection 02

Its officially fall… but I’m not quite ready to admit it. I still haven’t retired my shorts, and my coats are currently gathering dust in the crawlspace. We are now in that awkward time of year, not yet ready to bid farewell to long warm days but also secretly looking forward to the cozy comforts of cooler weather. Most of us are still clutching tightly to our summer duds while also feeling zero guilt about beginning to collect pieces for the cold days ahead. One minute it’s ice coffee, the next it’s pumpkin spice lattes.  

I recently ordered myself a full length puffer coat and can already see myself dropping the kids off at school, clutching a coffee between mittens while my puffy jacket wraps me in a warm cocoon. Today, I dropped the kids off at school in a tee shirt and jeans, so as much as I look forward to my puffer, I’m not in a huge hurry to need it.

My most recent vintage collection has a similar vibe to this time of year and features pieces that can’t quite decide if they are for fall or summer, but can probably swing both ways. There are a few pieces for warm weather, cool weather and everything in between, but as always minimalist silhouettes and quality fabrics like silks and linen feature prominently.   

Here’s a little taste of whats new for vintage in the shop. A few pieces got snapped up right away but many are still available.   Also, all open toe sandals are on sale now at 20% off, feel free to dm me for the coupon @lesagevintage on IG.

All these and many more are available in my etsy shop.

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