Easy DIY succulent garden

I was recently part of a gift exchange with a $20 limit.  Being someone who hates excessive waste, the though of buying someone a crap gift just for the sake of buying it felt yucky. In this day there is not much, (aside from books) for $20 or less that isn’t objectively garbage.   I needed something that would not end up in the donation bin in a week.  Coupled with the fact that the exchange would be of a Yankee swap variety, my gift had to be something that would appeal to any member of the group. I was stumped. 

I started at the thrift store…just to get ideas, lol. I ended up leaving with a huge bag of new finds for the shop but I also came across a super interesting wood and glass bowl and the ideas started flowing.  Using a 3.99 thrift store vessel and a few $3 succulents I was able to create a gorgeous gift with mass appeal that everyone wanted to swap for!   

This is a fun easy DIY that is super giftable, gram-able and pinterest worthy.  Succulents are an amazingly easy way to add green to almost any living space.  All they need is a little sun and occasional watering.  You do not need a green thumb to pull this together or keep it alive. 

Just head to your thrift store to find a home for your plants and then to your local plant nursery for a handful of interesting succulents…the rest is easy.  Succulents don’t have a deep root system so a wide shallow container is the perfect vessel for showing them off.  A container with drainage at the bottom is optimal but if you can’t find such a container a thick of layer of pebbles on the bottom of your planter will give those roots some room to breathe.

Succulents prefer soil that is a bit dry and sandy.  You can purchase a bag of succulent soil at your plant nursery or just mix a bit of gravely sand in with whatever potting soil you use at a ratio of about 1:2 in favor of the soil.

You will need:

One pot/ vessel for your garden, thrift shops are the best place to find unique quality items for low prices.

5-6 small assorted succulents

A few cups of small pebbles (I grabbed some from a local park and washed them well)

Soil for succulents



Fill the bottom of your succulent garden with a thick layer of pebbles an inch or two deep.

Add your succulent soil to the planter so it is about ¾ full.

Arrange your succulents while still in their plastic potting until you settle on an arrangement that you love.

Gently plant your succulents in the soil and fill the rest of the vessel with soil so that it is lightly packed and all the roots are covered.

Top with another fine layer of pebbles if desired.

Put it in a sunny spot and enjoy the view. Water infrequently…about twice a month is just fine

If you enjoyed this simple tutorial please pin and share and let me know in the comments if this inspired you to make your own succulent garden!

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