Zero waste DIY pant hem scrunchies

Scrunchies seem to be all the rage these days. They can be found plastered all over my pinterest feed, atop the coifs of IG models and on the shelves at my own salon. From a fashion perspective they can make a messy mom bun look romantic and pulled together in an instant, and from a hairstylist perspective they are much more hair friendly than a typical old elastic. There’s no denying scrunchies are having a major moment, but paying some of the scrunchie prices Ive seen makes me want to shave my head.

Scrunchies are not hard to make even for the most novice sewer. And if you would prefer to skip the fabric store lineup and have a pair of pants that needs hemming you can whip up a couple of zero waste scrunchies in no time.

Wide leg flood pants are also having a moment. I personally love a pair of ankle grazers, so when I picked up these awkwardly long linen pants at the thrift store for the shop, I knew I was getting a two for one.

To make your scrunchies:

Chop the bottoms off your pants and cut the seam off of one side so you have a long rectangle rather than a circle. I also suggest trimming off any existing hem so that all four sides are raw. Whether you are working with flat fabric or a pant hem your rectangle should be a width of at least 4″ and a length of at least 18″ The wider the width the more voluminous your scrunchie, and the longer the length the more scrunch it will have.

Fold your rectangle in half length wise with the right sides together and sew along the joined edges.

Turn your tube right side out using a seam turner, or attaching a safety pin to one end and slowly feeding it through.

Cut an eight inch long piece of elastic attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and slowly feed it through the tube. It helps to pin the other end to the opposite edge of the fabric tube so you don’t end up losing the elastic inside of it. The idea is you want to be able to tie or sew the two ends of the elastic together inside of the fabric tube….like so.

Once your elastic has been secured into a circle, fold the raw ends of the tube in on themselves and tuck one end into the other.

Sew in a straight line as close to the edge as you can to seal the elastic within the scrunchie.

Pop that three-days-with-no-shampoo-mom-hair into a messy bun and go about your biz looking look chic a f.

If you make yourself some scrunchies let me know how they turn out and please feel free to pin this tutorial if you found it helpful!

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