There’s a reason horses race with blinders.

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Like a L-A-W-T.  They are my favorite form of content.  Easy to consume while I’m walking my doggo, packing up orders, working in the kitchen, or developing new patterns for the shop. 

And I’m not ashamed to admit a huge portion of those podcasts are self helpers.  With everything going on in the world, having that 30- 60 minute injection of positivity into my day is wonderfully therapeutic. 

I have had so many aha moments while I’m on a walk scooping up dog poo, or elbows deep in a kitchen sink that I have lost count, but one quote got stuck so deep in my heart that I wrote it on a piece of paper and posted it up next to my desk. 

“There is a reason horses race with blinders.” Jimmy Lovine

Seriously this one gave me goosebumps because I so needed it.  We all do.   

Why do horses race with blinders? Because, if they worry about what the other horses are doing instead of being focused on their own race, they will lose step, get tripped up and ultimately lose.  As someone who has always been guilty of measuring her own success against the barometers set by other people, this was the aha moments of all aha moments for me.

When I was younger, I would often get dolled up for the night and leave my house feeling super cute and confident. Then inevitably, I would end up on the subway next to some drop dead model looking girl and arrive at my destination feeling like a troll who crawled out from under the bridge. 

When I got a little older and less image obsessed, my insecurities changed.  I remember having dinner at the home of a super corporate girlfriend and feeling deep shame telling the execs in attendance about my etsy shop.  I wouldn’t feel ashamed telling my grandma what I do, or my unemployed cousin, or a hobo down at the bus stop.  So why did I feel so unworthy among this circle of conventionally successful babes? It is the curse of comparisonitis.  I wasn’t wearing my blinders.

Now I remind myself of this on a daily basis. When I struggle to grow an IG following, or see a shop that has nailed down there aesthetic and is killing it. I don’t know the steps they’ve taken to get where they are or if they are even happy in that place so why should I for a single minute let their success slow me down or make me doubt my own journey.  

If life is a horse race it’s the most rigged race in the word.  None of us have the exact same starting point and none of us will have the exact same finish.  We all come into this world with unique opportunities, challenges, and end goals.  There is literally no sense measuring our own success against people who are running a completely different race.

It doesn’t matter if Deb has more followers than you or if Brenda has a bigger bank balance.  It just doesn’t matter. 

Ask yourself these three questions…. 

Are you growing?

Are you learning?

Are you a better person than you were last year?

If you answered yes, then you are winning your race. Don’t let yourself, let anyone else, make you feel otherwise.  Put those blinders and get running!   

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