Easy eco friendly plastic free reusable produce bags

The other day I was in my natural health food store feeling like Ariana Grande.  I was rolling down the isles, tossing all the things into my cart like it weren’t-no-thing.  I want it I got it, I want it I got it. When I went to reach for a package of reusable produce bags, it hit me.  I literally sew clothes for money, like intricate fully functional clothing items that people pay money for and wear.  What was I doing about to pay 19.99 for three simple rectangular pouches.  I had gotten carried away.

But that day I left the store unable to get those pouches out of my mind.  How could I, miss, I work at an eco friendly salon and run an eco friendly clothing business, not yet have sewn my own produce bags? It was lunacy!

That evening I went home and scoured through my fabric collection for something that would be up to the task.  Something, strong, yet light weight, washable and easy to work with.  I settled on some sheer natural linen remnants that were too small to make garments with.

Having spent the past year developing my own collection, let me tell ya, I could have made these things in my sleep.  I’m confident even the most novice sewer will have absolutely no problem pulling off this project.  It took me about 10 minutes to make two bags start to finish.

Not only are these a must for anyone hoping to live greener, but they make a wonderfully thoughtful gift.  

If you are planning to make your own I highly reccomend sourcing fabric from your local thrift shop. Keep in mind that the weight of your bag will contribute to the weight of your produce so you want something super light weight and washable. When in doubt you can always grab a flat cotton bed sheet in a thin weave. It fits all of the above critera and will leave you with leftover fabric for future DIY sewing projects. For the drawstring a peice of hemp thread or even kitchen twine will suffice.

You will need:

Light weight, natural fabric


A saftey pin

A sewing maching


Cut out a long rectangle that is about twice as long as it is wide. I made a larger bag for produce 22″ * 11″ and a smaller one for bulk nuts 12″ * 6″

Fold the rectangle in half and sew up the sides of the rectangle to form a pouch. I used a serger and also serged the top seam but this is an optional step.

Working with the pouch inside out fold over about 1/2″ of fabric, press with an iron and sew it down so there is essentially a hem around the opening of the bag. Leave about 1cm on one side of the hem un-sewn so that you can thread your twine through.

Cut your twine to a length that is about 3 times the length of the opening of the bag. Secure a saftey pin to one end of the twine and feed it through the hem.

Tie a knot in the end of the twine so it wont unravel. You can now cinch your bag, fill it with produce and wash it as needed!

Reusable eco friendly linen produce bags

If you found this tutorial useful shoot me a comment or pin it!

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