Effective natural home made bug spray

It’s that time of the year again, all I want to do is be outside.  Lovely days spent in my garden under the hot sun often inevitably turn into peaceful nights around a fire.  It’s all so blissfully wonderful, until the evil vampires come out.

They creep out of shadows, they stalk me ruthlessly, and then they pounce, leaving mountainous wounds all over my arms and legs that keep me up at night with itchiness.  Yes, I’m talking about mosquitoes.

 Mosquitoes and I have always had a love hate relationship.  I hate them and they LOVE me.  Maybe it’s my O blood type.  Maybe it’s just all that dark chocolate running through my veins, but alas, those suckers torment me all through the month of June and into early July. 

Being the type of hippie dippy granola cruncher that would rather have full blown B.O. than wear conventional deodorant, I have in the past, forgone bug spray and just suffered in silence.  I’m not going to spray some deet filled poison that burns my eyes and tasted like toxic waste all over my bod, not to mention my kiddos.  But this year I decided it would be wonderful to actually wear shorts without looking like I have fully blown leprosy come august and keep my kids safe from blood sucking pests.

I’ve noticed a lot of online recipes call for a vast and intricate combination of essential oils. Because I am just building my essential oil collection I wanted to use what I have rather than spend $50 on oils for a $5 spray if-you-know-what-Im-sayin. And because I don’t use an emulsifier in my recipe I recommend giving it a good quick spray prior to each use.

This spray is:

Gentle on the skin

Pleasant smelling, at least to my hippie self and my kids also love it

Very effective. I don’t want to jinx it but I walk my dog though a field near a pond daily and have yet to receive a single bite, even though I know those suckers are out in full swing.

Also effective on other pests like gnats, flies and ticks


Add 1.5 tbsp vodka to your glass spray bottle.

Add 25 drops citronella essentail oil and 25 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil.

Put the top on and give it a super good shake to combine.

Fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel. If you are using a particularly large bottle you can add 1/2 cup withc hazel and fill the rest with water.

Put the top on and give it another good shake to combine.

Use liberally anytime you plan to be outside during mosquito season, particularly in the evenings and cooler, windless days.

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