My letter to money – shifting my money mindset in 2019

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One of my biggest challenges over this past year has been to release all of the negative associations I have built around money.  I have finally come to understand that wanting money but believing it is evil is non sensical.  It’s like wanting so bad to be friends with someone you just can not stand.

Why bother? Chances are even if you managed to make ‘friends’ with that person, the friendship would never really be strong and lasting.

Money is not even a real thing when you think about it. It’s paper whose only true value is the value we assign it. Money is simply an energy that can be exchanged for positive or negative things. I have started to approach my relationship with money from a new angle, rather than focusing on the negative I remind myself of all the good money can do.  I love to read stories about social entrepreneurs who use money not just to improve their own lives, but to help improve the world.  This keeps me focused on the kind of person I aspire to be as more and more money flows into my life.

A wonderful money mindset strategy I have used, has been to replace the word money with a word I have positive feelings about.  For me this word is freedom and in my vocabulary, the two words have become interchangeable.

Money is freedom and freedom is money.

Another thing I did as per the advice of Jen Sincero in her killer book ‘You are a bad ass’ is write a heartfelt letter to money.

This might seem a bit woo woo, but immediately upon completion I felt like another wall I had built up in my head between myself and money had come down.

Here is my (slightly sexual) letter to money;

Dear Money,

I have had a crush on you for a long time but have been too scared to admit it. I’ve been told all my life what a huge jerk you are and have built up walls to keep you out.  

My parents always warned me about you, about how you would make me a bad person, and corrupt my heart.  But I’m finally seeing you in a new light and realizing all the good you are able to do in this world.  

If living where I want, travelling where I want and eating what I want is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. 

Money, I am fully ready for a life with you by my side.  I am committed. I finally understand that you do not change people but instead magnify what is already there.  I know I am a good person and with you I can only become better. Together we will experience more, give more back, and live with greater purpose.

I know you have always been there, waiting for me to be ready, and time and again I have rejected you. Well, no more!

I want to spend the rest of my life with you and make beautiful money babies with you.  I want our money babies to make grandbabies and great grandbabies until we have built a legacy that will remain long after I’m gone.  

Money, you give me the freedom to live my dreams and be who I truly am.  You make me so happy. With you by my side I know anything is possible. 

Together we will build a dream home, launch businesses, retire my parents, help my sister through school and give my kids every opportunity they could want in this life.  With you by my side I will worry less, laugh more, live life to the fullest and remember every day how lucky I am to have you.  I will never take you for granted again.  

I am finally ready to do this thing.  I love you.  



PS. In 2019 let’s go all the way.  

If you have come to believe that a person can’t be rich and good simultaneously, yet find yourself pining for a life of abundance, take a stab at this exercise.  Not only did I do it, but I’m actually putting my weirdo letter out there on the internet for anyone to see.

Get it down in your own words of truth and be confident that you are finally sending the universe clear signals about the kind of life you want to live and the kind of relationship you want to have with money.

You have nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain.

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