My kids (and my) favorite green juice

Green juice can be scary the first time you try it, and quite honestly depending on the ingredients you choose can range from shockingly delicious to plug your nose and chug it down gross. The first time I tossed back a cup of the green stuff I was fully expecting it to taste completely vile and was actually surprised by how light and refreshing the flavours were.

Having owned a juicer for a while, I have been known to get a little experimental and have concocted some flavours that are more revolting than refreshing, yet knowing all those beautiful nutrients are flowing directly into my cells, they still somehow taste ‘good’….at least to me.

So, my game plan for getting my little ones to drink juice was to make sure the first one would be so undeniably tasty that they wouldn’t be scared off by some of the more unconventional versions. (Fyi mixing beets or carrots with greens does not produce an appetizing color.)

And… it worked! I managed to get my kiddos so hooked on the crisp addictive flavour that they now come running whenever I tell them I have made them a ‘shooter,’ and will happily chug down whatever I have made, (even if it looks like sewage water) often they will ask for seconds!

(I serve their juices in a small glass and call it a shooter, this for some reason has worked to get them to drink it consistently so I’m going with it, all parents do weird things to get their kids to eat right?!)

If you don’t yet own a juicer its time to get on board! Seriously. It is the easiest, most pain free way to get a whole heap of nutrition into you and your families bodies.

There are many juicer options out there and they are not all created equal, but if you’re just dipping your toes in the juicing pond any centrifugal juicer is a great, low-cost, place to start. If you are ready to get serious about juicing for health and are willing to make a bigger investment you want to look at masticating juicers. They extract more juice and preserve more nutrients than centrifugal ones. Also, the juice made in masticating juicers doesn’t oxidize as fast so less pressure to chug it down seconds after juicing.

So, on to my favorite juice…. It is loaded with tons of nutritional benefits including liver and kidney detoxification, it has antiseptic qualities and contains vitamin c, a handful of b vitamins, a healthy dose of key minerals, is highly alkalinizing and is a rich source of chlorophyll.  Plus it’s 100% yum.

If you make just one juice for the rest of your life this should be it….


(My favorite) Kid fully approved green juice

2 apples (washed seeded and cored, the green ones have less sugar or you can leave them out entirely if you’re watching your glucose and add more cucumber)
½ cucumber (washed and peeled if not organic)
6 stalks of celery (washed)
1 lemon or lime (peeled)
1” piece of ginger (peeled)
2 hand-fulls of spinach (or other organic greens ) you should be sure to cycle your greens weekly which I will talk more about in another blog post.

Juice them all and enjoy as soon as possible.

*Juice tip* If you have made your juice in a masticating juicer and want to save it for later, add a little pulp back into your juice, and fill your glass container right up to the brim before sealing it and storing it somewhere cool. The fibre in the pulp will slow the oxidation process. Citrus juices are also good natural preservatives and they taste amazing so I usually include a lemon or lime in all my mixes.

Bottoms up!

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