My story

I started my business at 24. I had two brand new babies, very little time and no money. I mean none. I remember having my card declined at the grocery store buying a few dollars worth of produce. There was no family wealth to fall back on, no high earning husband and I felt, at times, completely hopeless. Yet those days were some of the most beautiful of my entire life. Using all the love I had for my babies and what I knew (thrifting… because you know, poor) mixing in a little grit and a whole lot of determination I started my own vintage shop and grew it to a reliable source of income. I wasn’t flush with cash but I suddenly wasn’t counting every penny, I was able to buy a modest home, buy a safe vehicle, and travel with my boys.

As my shop grew, I learned what things consistently sold, what people wanted more of. I took vintage pieces apart and put them back together. I learned about different textiles, how they drape, wash and age. I learned about the environmental impact of the fashion industry and suddenly a business that was created out of poverty and necessity took on an entirely new meaning. It was no longer just a means to an end but a mission to provide beautiful clothing that was sustainable and better for the earth. I wanted to create a curated experience without exploiting underpaid workers or using unnatural fabrics. Slowly I developed my own house line that I patterned, cut and sewed all by myself in my teeny home studio.

I initially started this blog as a creative outlet, a place to share recipes DIY’ and mom talk but it has since morphed into a a place where I aim to inspire other moms who may be struggling to take what they know and turn it into cash. I want to give busy moms the permission to free themselves of oppressive situations and use their creativity to make dollars. As moms we juggle so many things and have so many gifts I want to help you discover your creative super power and turn it into freedom (just another word for money).

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